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Write advertorials . The most active form of real make money online with your blog is writing advertorials. These are also arranged by our media agency, but when we did not have a media agency, we regularly arranged something. How does that work?

A webshop will ask you to ask if you want to write an informative article. You are reviewing the webshop and thinking if it fits your blog. Then ask the contact person if you can know what you are writing and whether you can determine the intake yourself.

Often the contact will come with a number of keywords or links that should be incorporated into the article. As long as we agree with this, and we can determine the insight and tone ourselves, we agree. (Unless the offered price is not agreed, of course)

We think it’s very important that an advertorial is as good as a ‘regular’ article. After all, for you as a reader, an advertorial is a “regular” blog post and you do not want to be bothered with too much commercial talk. Of course, you realize that a blogger needs to earn some money and pay his rent, but you do not get on a blog to read advertising texts.

Yet? Therefore, it’s so important that you always watch blogger: Is this topic / brand a match with my blog and if so, is it relevant to the reader? Only then will we accept an advertorial. And yes, that means we have to reject 80%, but that’s not bad.

The fun is that brands are becoming more and more aware of the fact that your bloggers have to decide how to draw attention to a product (or something else). It is increasingly common for us to be completely released into a campaign and we like that – after all, we know our target group better than the brand. In general, these campaigns are very positive and that’s crazy!

We also see more and more that brands engage in long-term partnerships with bloggers, which is a fantastic development. Suppose we would recommend another brand of meat substitutes as “the best product of the world” every month. How much fun and more durable is it to let us be ‘the face of’ for a year? In this way you will learn about all products and you can form a good opinion about the brand.

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