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Bluffing can be valuable if you do the right thing

Beginner players often bluff too often or at the wrong time. A bluff can win the pot for you if you do not have the best hand. However, it is important to assess in advance the success of a bluff and whether it is profitable in the long run. You must be able to properly assess the situation and your opponent (s).

It takes some experience to recognize the right situations in which a bluff could work. If you’re not sure if a bluff works, you can not make it better. The chance is too high that he does not work and this will cost you unnecessary chips. Just bluff if you’re sure to know that your opponent folds.

There are also many positive sides to a bluff. First, your image changes by bluffing, you are now seen as a “looser” player. This means that your good hands will be paid off earlier. Also, your opponents can get rid of a bluff that shows you. In general, I do not support showing your cards, but in some cases it may attract opponents.

Good bluffing situations are when you are in last position, when you have pre-flop, when you play against a small stack or when bluffing is the only way to win the hand (for example, you miss a flush draw).


Meta game (part of our  advanced advanced poker workshop )

The meta game in world of poker wants to say as much as a game within the game. This is how opponents see you. This means that sometimes you can make decisions that are statistically or spell-based may not be accurate, but you can also benefit from the long-term meta game.

For example, to make it a bit more specific, you could make a call, for example, if you’re just sitting at the table and you’re not familiar with them yet and you’re not. When you make this call, you know that you will often lose your hand and this is therefore not a profitable call in the long run. But at the same time you are working on your meta game. You will find out what your opponent plays, and thus gets information about his poker hand. In addition, you give yourself a loose image that makes other players think that you are looser than you actually do. This may result in the more often paying a good hand.


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