Five symptoms that your dog may die soon

The death of a dog is never a pleasant subject, but it is something that sooner or later we will have to face as owners.  If you want your pets to live for long time dont forget to get them essential pet products .

Logically, when old age begins to show a series of symptoms associated with the age of the animal that show his death as a closer possibility .

However, in addition to the natural cycle of life, unfortunately sometimes it is not necessary for the animal to be old so that it can show severe symptoms that are associated with its death.

Before any of these symptoms, be cautious and go to a veterinarian as soon as possible.

Few want to go for a walk

Although the amount of dog activity is often associated with your character, it is very likely that with age, your dog will become more passive and decrease the amount of physical activity he does daily. Logically, the older the dog, the less you will want to go for a walk , but as we have said, it does not necessarily have to be associated with old age: the fact that your dog shows little interest in moving and stays long hours lying down can be related to some type of disease.

If in addition to passivity, we notice little muscle or joint agility, lameness, difficulty to move …. You must go to a veterinarian without thinking.

Loss of appetite

When a dog is near death, it is possible that in a matter of days you perceive a gradual or total loss of appetite . Not only can he not feel like eating, but even what he eats, he vomits. Sometimes you will even notice that you do not drink water either, because this can be a sign of kidney failure.


Following the above, when a dog is near death can suffer incontinence both at the level of the bladder and in their defecations. It is even possible that once your dog has died, your dog will urinate and crave once again when total muscle relaxation occurs.

Respiratory symptoms

Wheezing, difficulty in breathing … The breaths of a dog close to dying are less deep and slower.

Observation of the mouth

The mouth, in the case of dogs, is the “mirror of the soul” If you observe dehydration or dryness, or you see that the gums are darkened instead of pink, something may be happening to your dog.

If you notice any of these symptoms, it is important that you go to the veterinarian as soon as possible , it may be that your dog is near death and … keep in mind that although you probably are not prepared for it, the best thing is to be able to give a decent farewell.


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