Casino Comps Secrets: 3 Steps To The Bonus Points

The first step  in  best online casino payouts is to maximizing your comps is to find a partner. A good choice would be the spouse, a friend or a friend. You and your ally will play games with stakes that equalize. This means that your partner loses when you win, and vice versa.

This can be seen in games like rouletteeasy: one player can bet on red and the other bet on black or one player bets on the bet “1-18” and the other bet on the bet “19-36”. Similarly, this can also be done with craps by placing one player on “Pass” and the other on “Do not Pass”. In this approach, the losses are minimized but not completely eliminated.

On average, the balancing roulette insert ensures that for a double zero pit 36 ​​out of 38 turns for none of the sides is a gain, while for a single zero pit 36 ​​of 37 turns. Because of the balancing bets, you will lose half of the total bets that were wagered on 1 of 36 throws in Craps. This case occurs, when in the first litter the snake eyes (two ones) are thrown. In this case, “Pass” loses, while “Do not Pass” is not a win for any of the pages.


In the second step, you must have the heads of the heads responsible for the evaluation of your game believe you are putting more than is the case. This is not as difficult as it sounds. Saalchefs are not always attentive, so it is easy to deceive them. In general, Saalchefs are rather anxious to pretend to be busy, but this is only a cunning. Often, you only observe the first two or three bets you place, and then enter the value as your average bet. Then forget them until you leave. To benefit from this, you and your ally must only use larger amounts for the first three or four bets. If you’re going to put a nickel chip, you’re starting with a $ 25 chip at the beginning, a green chip, put a $ 100 chip regularly at the beginning. The balancing bets are successful in more than 97% of the cases so your loss at the start bet of $ 100 is close to $ 3 and the initial bet of $ 25 is close to $ 0.75. This is only a small price to pay for the higher rating you receive in your other bets.

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