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Sponsored Posts

Sponsored Posts are articles that you are paid for by a company. The article presents one or more products or services of the company. The nature and extent of the product advertising may vary, some companies prefer, Such as advertising in the form of a test report, others prefer the casual mention of the product as part of a guide article. how to make money online for free is the question of many peoples now.

Variables in the case of Sponsored Posts are also who writes the text (either you or the company), how many links the article contains, and what kind of links they are ( dofollowor how Google policies are nofollow) (for example, more backlinks or the familiarity of a product).

In the meantime, there are various networks, which can be used as a blogger to get a lot of tips, B .:

  • Blogfoster
  • SeedingUp
  • Blogatus
  • RankSider


  • Simply earned money
  • Depending on the popularity and reach of the blog, sometimes high payment is possible for Sponsored Posts
  • Sometimes good content for your own blog

Link sale

Another source of income for bloggers is the sale of links from their own blog. You can sell links not only from articles, but also from the sidebar, from the homepage or in the footer.

Why bloggers with the link sale can make money is obvious: Companies, in particular online shops, often have difficulties to come to relevant backlinks (eg for individual products or category pages) and therefore did not rank so well on Google. Therefore, the link sale is a simple way to increase its domain and link popularity.


  • Very little effort
  • Regular monthly earnings
  • Depending on the authority and popularity of the own blog, high income possible
  • Integration of the text links usually requires little technical understanding
  • You can easily find customers for text links through online portals such as SeedingUp or BacklinkSeller

Offer your own products

To offer your own products on your blog is the king’s discipline! Although it is often associated with a lot of work and, in some cases, high investment costs, to develop, manufacture and sell your own products, you can earn considerably more money with your blog than with all other methods mentioned here.


  • Significantly higher revenues are possible than other monetarization methods
  • You are independent of advertising partners
  • You can better meet the needs of your visitors with your products
  • You can realize yourself through your own products

Collect donations

Anyone wishing to make money with a blog can also make donations from their readers. The only source of income is not in most cases, but can serve to earn a few euros by the way.

In order to implement the collection of donations technically on the blog, there are different possibilities and systems, B .:

  • The inclusion of a donation button from PayPal
  • The Micro-Donation service Flattr
  • Tipping money with Tipeee


  • Unobtrusive way to make money with blogging
  • Easy integration into the blog




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