How To Choose Your Poker Chips?

Today there are a multitude of poker chips on the market. Players have the choice between ABS or Clay Composite tokens, with or without values ​​written on the token … it is not always obvious to make the right choice! world series of poker promo code helps you to see more clearly in this variety of products by an overview of the different types of existing tokens …

There are two main types of poker chips: “Composite” in ABS or Polypropylene and “Clay Composite “chips. With a different finishing and quality of play, the choice between these two materials will depend on the level of requirement sought by the poker player.

Composite Poker Chips

These tokens represent an excellent value for beginners who want to discover poker. They are made by injection of ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) or Polypropylene into a mold. They can be decorated with a sticker on the inner ring. Some models have a metal insert in the center of the chip to increase its weight in a worry of comfort of play.


*They are inexpensive, they are at least very resistant thanks to the plastic materials designed to be resistant to shocks.

*The design and the grip of the chips meet the expectations of the beginner players in poker.

Clay Composite tokens

These are the most popular tokens to play pokeo deluxe poker. “Clay Filled” or “Clay Composite” tokens are made from a mixture of clay and plastic. Much more resistant than classic tokens, they are also highly prized by players thanks to their ideal grip. The inlay (central part of the token) consists of a piece of metal that improves the use of the token, which can be covered with a sticker.


*These tokens are suitable for experienced players looking for an excellent gaming experience.

*They are available with different stickers featuring the values ​​or not ..

*The choice of Poker goes towards the French Riviera Gold tokens thanks to their engaging visual.

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