Online Poker – Criminals Use Spyware

poker texas online  is booming more and more – so many users try to challenge their luck more or less successfully in virtual poker rooms. Except for the blood you have to fight against masses of fellow players for the first time, in order to ultimately reach the lucrative profit areas. This is partly not about little money.

The fact that this area of ​​criminals is regarded as a potential money machine, or worthwhile “cash cow”, is obvious. The security firm Eset has now discovered a spyware specifically designed for online poker players and, in the true sense of the word, the player is looking at the virtual cards.

Anyone who plays regularly online poker probably does not want anything more than any other advantage. Accordingly, the Internet is often searched for various auxiliary programs and applications. And that’s exactly what criminals do to the advantage and distribute via social networks , or dubious third-party portals various promising poker help programs, such as Tournament Shark, Poker Calculator Pro, Smart Buddy and Poker Office.

Once installed, the Win32 Trojan is  loaded  onto users’ systems and is waiting for the user to become active in various online poker rooms. Among other things, personal access data, player ID and screen shots are gathered in the background and sent to the command and control server of the criminals. With collected information, criminals connect with the table of the player and can through direct insight of the playing cards , that victims play easily and the profit cash.

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